The Holley lab is actively on the lookout for motivated and talented postdocs interested in studying developmental biology from a diverse array of perspectives.

In particular, we are interested in postdocs with a background in biophysics, physics or engineering who want to apply those skills to biological questions within a whole-organism system (for those without ‘wet lab’ experience we have experimentalists in the lab that are happy to collaborate).

We are also looking for postdocs with a PhD in biology, genetics or biochemistry interested in studying the genetic determinants of human disease and pushing the envelope on the imaging capabilities possible in zebrafish.

And if FCS/FCCS is your passion the Holley lab is the place to live it!

Interested applicants should email Scott with a short description of their particular interests.

Graduate Students:

The Holley lab accepts graduate students through the BBS program at Yale. Within the BBS, Professor Holley is a member of the BQBS Track as well as the PEB program. Interested students should email Professor Holley or simply stop by for a chat and complimentary espresso!